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sea freight

Southern group

Mauke / Mitiaro : V256
Scheduled Voyage departs 6 Dec 2022

Atiu: V257
Scheduled Voyage departs 13 Dec 2022


Northern group
( Manihiki, Rakahanga, Penryhn )

Scheduled to set sail : 15 Dec 2022
Accepting Cargo : 5 Dec 2022 to 12 – 13 Dec 2022 
( pending available space ) 

Standard Delivery & Freight


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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery to FreightIf your order is under $500, there is a $10 Delivery fee to the Freight Supplier.  This is added to your freight charge
How much is a cubic metre?To give an idea …
A standard Washing Machine is between .5 to .7 of a cubic metre
A Chainsaw is .2 of a cubic metre
Who sets the price for Air & Sea Freight?All Air and Sea Freight including Dangerous Goods & ‘Minimum’ amounts, are set by the Air or Sea Freight provider.  We have no control over these costs
What is Volume Weight for Air Freight?Air Freight is charged by weight.  
When an item is over sized, it is charged by Volume Weight.  This is a mix of the weight and size.  
Examples of oversize are 6 burner stove, Fridge/Freezer
  • These must also fit the criteria for Air Freight