STIHL HT 133-Z Petrol Pole Pruner


  • Petrol Pole Pruner for professionals
    Lightweight robust magnesium gearbox construction
  • Adjustable telescopic shaft from 231 cm to 350 cm
  • Professional

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The STIHL HT 133 can handle professional use in tree maintenance, orchards and council work, it is ideally suited for pruning trees, removing dead wood or breakage after storms, and cutting back trees.

A powerful fuel-efficient, low-emission engine makes the HT 133 the ultimate choice for heavy tree maintenance tasks. Plus, with its squared shaft, users can prune high branches with ease and precision

Your Pole Pruner will require engine oil and bar lube. We recommend STIHL HP ULTRA TWO STROKE ENGINE OIL and STIHL SYNTH PLUS CHAIN LUBRICATION for your machine.


Power Source Petrol
Engine Power (kW) 1.4
Displacement (cc) 36.3
Weight (kg) 7.2 (1)
STIHL Engine Type 4-Mix
Standard Guide Bar STIHL Rollomatic E Mini 1/4P 1.1 mm, 12 inch 30 cm
Standard Chain Type STIHL 1/4 inch Picco Micro, 12 inch 30 cm
Max Wood Diameter 16 inch or 40 cm

(1) Weight without fuel, bar & chain