STIHL MS 180-Z 16″ Bar Petrol Chainsaw


  • Standard Bar Length: 16″/40 cm
  • Engine Power: 31.8 cc / 1.4 kW
  • Weight: 4.1 kg
  • Home User
STIHL MS 180-Z 16" Bar Petrol Chainsaw


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The MS 180 is a compact Petrol Chainsaw for cutting firewood and property maintenance. This is a saw with plenty of power, whilst remaining light and well balanced. Capable of fitting up to 16 inch guide bar.

This Chainsaw has many of the same design features as the STIHL professional saws used by forestry workers, such as the Anti-Vibration system for more comfortable handling, and Ematic Chain Lubrication for less oil consumption and optimal lubrication. The MS 180 Chainsaw is an excellent choice for those seeking a high quality and reliable Chainsaw at a great price.

Your Chainsaw will require engine oil and bar lube. We recommend STIHL HP ULTRA TWO STROKE ENGINE OIL and STIHL SYNTH PLUS CHAIN LUBRICATION for your machine.


Power Source Petrol
Engine Power (kW) 1.4
Displacement (cc) 31.8
Weight (kg) 4.1 (1)
Power to Weight Ratio (kg/kW) 3 (1)
STIHL Engine Type 2-Stroke
Standard Guide Bar STIHL Rollomatic E Mini 3/8P 1.1 mm Guide Bar, 16 inches or 40 cm
Standard Chain Type STIHL 3/8 Picco Micro Mini Saw Chain, 16 inches or 40 cm
Max Wood Diameter 16 inches or 40 cm

(1) Weight without fuel, bar & chain