STIHL MS 291 18′ Bar Petrol Chainsaw


  • Professional anti-vibration system
  • Low emission and fuel consumption engine
  • Robust medium sized Chainsaw
  • Farming

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The durable STIHL MS 291 is a versatile Petrol Chainsaw suitable for farmers, landscapers and gardeners. With the economical 2-MIX engine, fuel consumption is reduced along with emissions, compared to traditional 2 stroke engines. The long-life air filter system with pre-separation reduces the maintenance requirements. This saw is comfortable to use for long periods due to professional anti-vibration technology.

Your Chainsaw will require engine oil and bar lube. We recommend STIHL HP ULTRA TWO STROKE ENGINE OIL and STIHL SYNTH PLUS CHAIN LUBRICATION for your machine.


Power Source Petrol
Engine Power (kW) 2.8
Displacement (cc) 55.5
Weight (kg) 5.6 (1)
Power to Weight Ratio (kg/kW) 2 (1)
STIHL Engine Type 2-Mix
Standard Guide Bar STIHL Rollomatic E .325 1.6 mm Guide Bar, 18 inches or 45 cm
Standard Chain Type STIHL .325 Rapid Micro, Semi-Chisel Saw Chain, 18 inches or 45 cm
Max Wood Diameter 20 inches or 50 cm

(1) Weight without fuel, bar & chain