STIHL RE 110 Electric Water Blaster


  • Working PSI: 1595
  • Working Water Flow Rate (L/min): 6.3
  • 7m textile mesh hose, built in accessory storage
  • Home User
STIHL RE 110 Electric Water Blaster


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The STIHL RE 110 Water Blaster is perfect for jobs around the home and garden including; washing the house or car. It offers greater cleaning power than the STIHL entry level models and can handle tougher jobs.

The RE 110 has a 7 metre long hose and a long spray lance with a comfortable soft-grip handle. It comes with a spray bottle and two different nozzles  Рa fan jet nozzle for cleaning large areas quickly and a rotary nozzle which is great for concentrated cleaning. These nozzles can be easily stored in the handy storage compartment on the side of the RE 110, which is where you can also store the power cable.

The telescopic handle is made of high quality anti-twist aluminium and can be lowered for neat storage. The RE 110 is equipped with quick release couplings at both ends of the hose which permits quick and easy attachment.

Power Source Electric
Rated Volts (V) 230
Engine Power (kW) 1.7
Weight (kg) 17.7
Working PSI/Bar 1595/110
Working Water Flow Rate (litre/min) 6.3
Max Water Flow Rate (litre/min) 7.3
Pump Head Type Aluminium
Hose Type Textile Mesh
Hose Length (m) 7